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Started by Yilmas, 19. januar 2017 at 23:01:37

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      Teamspeak Update

      Before christmas I talked about how we would be making some changes to our teamspeak service. However, because of some unforeseen events and bugs in the teamspeak bot, I had to postpone the update. But now, we are finally getting ready to implement these new changes. 

      The following is the proposed layout of channels:

      • Unknown Borders
        • [Information]
        • -- Public --
          • Lobby
          • Chat 1-9
        • -- Staff -- (Any users in the staff section will be invisible to those of "Donator" or below. )
          • Chat 1-2
          • Meeting
          • Support - Need an admin ? Wait here!
        • -- Away --
          • AFK +30min
          • BRB -30min
          • Idle - Poke if Needed
        • -- Private -- (Any users and channels within the private section will be invisible to those without the appropriate group.)
          • -- [XXX] -- (One per "private" server group)
            • Chat 1-X (depends on the size of the group)

      Using the following server group layout: ([Y] is the order or rank)

      • [1] Server Admin
      • [2] Staff
      • [3] Donator
      • [4] Regular
      • [X] Private: XXX (One per "group)
        • The "private" server groups will work together with our teamspeak bot. Once you access the teamspeak, the bot will check your unique Id against those set on the website. If found, the corrolating groups will be assigned to you.
          Once you enters a channel, the bot will again check and see if you are allowed entry, if not, you will be moved to the "Lobby", with a warning. 


      • Edit - We are going to remove the "Games" section that exists at the moment, as it is rarely in use. Instead we are creating more chats to allow smaller groups of players to still have a little corner of the teamspeak.
      • Added - Warning System
        • 3-4 Warnings = Server Kick
        • 5-6 Warnings = Temporary Ban of 30 mins
        • 7-9 Warnings = Temporary Ban of 48 hours
        • 10 Warnings = Permanent Ban from all services.
        • Warnings degenerate over time, and only the staff can grant a pardon.
      • Added - Users are to consider who is in a chat before entering it, if the original users in the channel asks you to leave, please respect their wish. 
        • Users that continue to ignore such wishes will have their warning level increased.


      If you have any comments, please reply to this topic. 

      "I could calculate your chance of survival, but you wont like it..." - Marvin

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