Teamspeak Reset and Update

Started by Yilmas, 16. februar 2017 at 13:05:57

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      Greetings Members and Visitors

      After much deliberation we have finally come to a consensus on a new structure for our teamspeak servers.  And the overall theme for this change, is the wish that people try and mingle with other users, rather than sit in a corner with a select group.

      The New Structure

      There are no longer a "clan area". Instead, all donators and registered clans on our website can gain access to the "-- Private --" channels. For now, we have preregistered the two clans 4100 and DSO, but these will later be required to register as a group as per normal regulations.

      Private channels are moderated, if people are found to not abide by our rules, they will be subject to removal of privileges. 

      All registered users have the ability to move other users of the same rank or below. This feature will be run as a test, and we will later discuss the results.


      Now donators have a few more privileges than they did before, first of all, they can not be kicked or banned by normal members. Only the staff team and administrators have that ability. Though they can still be moved. 

      The special feature of a donator, is the ability to gain access to the "-- Private --" section of teamspeak. They are free to move other users inside one of the rooms, if of course that other user has allowed it.


      By using our teamspeak services you agree to abide by the community rules and terms of service found on this website.
      Furthermore, if any user is found to misuse their powers on teamspeak, their privileges and ranks will be removed, even if they are a donator or from a registered group. And be set back to being a simple "guest" on our server. Severe cases, may result in temp bans or even permanent bans.

      When ever a staff or an administrator issues a warning, it is associated with the users account, and will only be deleted if enough time has gone by. If enough warnings have been issued, the system will automatically kick/temp ban/perm ban the user.
      Please be aware that this warning system is implemented across all of our services and networks. So if you are issued a warning in one of our game servers, that warning will persist no matter what service you use.

      The complain system is also in effect, and it only takes a few complains over a [redacted] timespawn to start the kick and ban process. At the same time, all users can always kick a lower ranking user from their channel.


      We hope that you will enjoy your stay on our Teamspeak server, and continue to support our aspiring community.

      Best Regards,
      The Staff

      "I could calculate your chance of survival, but you wont like it..." - Marvin

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