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Started by Yilmas, 1. august 2017 at 18:03:08

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      Greetings UB members and friends

      To keep up with the high demands we have received over the last 10 months, we've concluded that now is a reasonable time to start our 2017 donation drive.

      Since our last drive, a few things have changed with our servers, first and foremost, they are now located behind a 1gbit/1gbit internet line. We were able to secure a favorable deal back in late 2016 which has also granted us business support line to the internet provider, allowing us near instantaneous phone support.

      Secondly, the TeamSpeak 3 server got a complete overhaul, where we moved from a clan-by-clan setup to a more freeform structure that allows some groups to have a few more rights, such as private channels. This was done to improve the way our users communicate with each other, instead of just being isolated in each clan, our users can now be seen mingling with the other visitors.
      To register for a group tag and receive the permissions that comes with it, a user must simply contact a staff member and they will tell the user how to gain access to our group system. In the future, it is meant to be implemented through our group manager on our website.
      Our TeamSpeak bot, has seen some improvements over the last few months, however due too external forces, our developers has seen it needed, that we turn down the amount of time invested in it. We still hope to bring it to you no later than this coming December.

      Finally, we have recently begun working on the studio part of our community, the supporting pillar for our foundation. For more information, head-on over to

      Part of this work, includes the development of two projects; one for Essera and the other is an 4X RPG PC game using the Unity game engine. More information will be released, as we get closer to having alpha candidates of both projects.

       -- Donations --

      This year, we wish to further increase our capacity on our game server, by upgrading one of the CPU’s and buying some more RAM for our 3d game server.
      Please remember to include your username, name or the email used to register an account on Unknown Borders, so we can give you your shiny donator badge :)

      • Donations can be given through PayPal using the button on the front page, or by using the following mail:
      • Danish Residents Only: MobilePay 2465 3236

      -- Statistics for the last 8 months --

      • 153 unique visitors on TeamSpeak, 63 returning
      • Approx. 31.000 total sessions on TeamSpeak
      • 4 permanent bans were handed out to spammers/griefers
      • Approx. 89.000 hits on our services
      • Game Servers hosted: Ark Survival Evolved (The Island), Terraria, OpenTTD, Civilization V Pitboss, Space Engineers

      -- Uptime/Downtime --

      • Uptime Quote: 99,99% (99,99436)
      • Registered downtimes: 9 hours server maintenance and 3.5 hour unscheduled downtime.

      Kind Regards,
      The Staff

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