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Started by Yilmas, 4. september 2017 at 13:10:49

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      Greetings Members and Visitors

      Teamspeak has just announced to its subscripers of their AAPL licenses that they are going to increase the cost of it by 50% starting january 2018. With this change, the cost of running a teamspeak server will simply become to high. Therefor Unknown Borders has decided to change our VOIP service to Discord.

      Our current Teamspeak service will continue to be operational until the 30th of september, from then on we will have moved to Discord.


      In many ways, Discord is essentially the same as Teamspeak except it is much further developed and has gained a very large client base since its birth in early 2015. It currently services 9 million users on a daily basis.
      One of the enhancements compared to Teamspeak, is that Discord has a fully integrated chat system as well. We have already setup a couple of "text channels" and "voice channels", feel free to let us know in the #support channel, if you would like to wish for more text or voice channel.

      Compared to Teamspeak, Discord has a very high level of integrations to a myriad of services such as: Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Patreon, etc.
      Patreon being one of the two ways we had always intended that donators could use, became a strong selling point to change to Discord. Once we launch our Patreon page, any donators will automatically be assigned the appropriate roles on Discord once they become a patreon of Unknown Borders.

      Come and join us at: 

      Patreons / Donations

      Up until this date, we've always used all of our donations to keep the teamspeak running by letting the license consume all the donation money. However, in the future we will be able to go back to our original idea, that donations will be used for server upgrades, such as more ram to enable us to host more game server, and allow us to purchase more game-licenses. Which will help the community by allowing Unknown Borders to service a wider variety of games.


      By using our VOIP services, you agree to abide by the community rules and terms of service found on our website.
      Furthermore, with Discord there are a couple of extra rules that you may find in the #announcements or #rules channel. These primarily is about the use of @mentions which is a feature of Discord that allows a user to ping another user or group of users.

      Kind Regards,

      "I could calculate your chance of survival, but you wont like it..." - Marvin

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