If you can't find your answer here, please send your question through the forum or the support site.

Once the Studio enters alpha stage, more information will be released. Until then, we can not divulge to much details.

However, we can say that any user that has registered an unknownborders account will be eligible to become part of the Studio.

You can request a server by sending a mail to contact@unknownborders.net with the subject "Request: Server". To increase the chance of the request being approved, please include as much infomation you can about the game/server as possible. This will also decrease the time for a reply!

New game servers are selected through popularity within the community if their software/hardware requirements can be met. Please note that we only host games, which can be run as a dedicated server. We do not rent servers from third party vendors.

Most streamers are handpicked by the staff, however some streamers are also granted a promotion through member recognision, which they can do through the forums.

See more: [Guide] Submit streamer/channel to Unknown Borders

There is a range of different banners and logos depending on what service we are using it for. However, below you may find our most used.

Feel free to use these on your website, streams and other media/platforms.

Logo: 64x64 pixels

Stream host banner: 376x100 pixels

Stream Splash: 420x280 pixels

Twitch/YouTube Banner: 900x257 pixels