Introducing the new Community platform

After many months of development we are finally ready to unveil our new community platform that will serve the many exciting projects that we have planned. The current state of the platform is that of an MVP, which means "Minimal Viable Product". There are still a few parts of the platform that needs some work done, but overall it is functioning as expected.

You can find the new platform by following the link in the top menu, or here: Community Platform.

What remains to be fixed

As mentioned before, there are still few issues hanging around here and there, below you'll find a list of known issues, missing tweaks and bugs. Most of the below will be an ongoing development while the platform remains live. 

  • Styling tweaks for topic creation and reply to topic. 
  • Currently the platform does not support hidden or private sections of the community. This is primarily a backend issue, as the frontend already contains this feature natively.
  • Mobile Optimization!!!
    • Community menu is currently broken in mobile view.
    • Buttons and links for topic view are malplaced.

There are also a couple of areas for our main site that needs to be taken care of, mostly in regards to the "Member area" containing settings, profiles, etc. 

What is next

First we will be bringing all of our code away from GitHub and onto our new provider at Azure DevOps. Increasing upon our much needed capacity.

Next, as we mentioned back in late january this year, the artwork project for Essera has begun and is currently progressing at a timely fashion. Next we will start to look at the designs for the new website. This next step will be a very exciting part of how our future will unfold. 


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