The Reemergence of Unknown Borders

After several weeks of downtime, we are finally ready to unveil UB's new website and image for the future. 

I'd like to first apologise for the long wait it has been, the ransomware took its toll on UB, we lost some members and some of our credability, but we will prevail. If you are unaware of the attack we experienced you can read up on the story here.

With the release of this article, I can now confirm that all of our services, except for our forum, is back online.

What is Unknown Borders?

This is a question that many have asked over the years since the birth of the organisation. And until today I've always been giving vague answers and thoughtup reasonings. 

Therefor I now grant you a bit of insight into what Unknown Borders is, and what its goal is for the next couple of years.

A Brief History

Unknown Borders was originally a community made by gamers for gamers. Later it grew to the shadow of what it is today, with the merging of NT-Jensen Aps and Unknown Borders, we became a company-like organisation, which focused our efforts on providing our members with servers, competitions and the like. But with NT-Jensen Aps came a range of customers that had to be maintained and cared for. This evolved Unknown Borders into creating a development-focused branch - which gave birth to hCore. After that we focused our attention on the creation of Essera and all of its services. 

During the development of Essera and later Essera Campaign Manager (not released), we became interested in the creation of computer games, and with the creation of the fantasy/scifi world of Essera we had a foundation to build such games on. This lead to the initialisation of two projects: "Warlords of Essera" and "Cusae" (working titles). Both of these are currently in the planning and design phase, therefor I can't give out too much information about these titles. I can say however, that the first one "Warlords of Essera" will be a turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on diplomacy and territorial control, while the other "Cusae" will be a small rogue-like platform game inspired by platform games of the early 90'ties. 

The Future

Unknown Borders will separate into three companies, first and foremost we will have our studio, Unknown Borders. Next is UB Consulting and finally UB hCore. The last two names are not set in stone. All three companies will be owned by a holding firm. The separation are for legal and financial reasons.

  • Unknown Borders
    Unknown Borders will focus its attention on the creation of the two projects mentioned earlier; "Warlords of Essera" and "Cusae".
  • UB Consulting
    This company will focus on lending out our programmers to external worksites - and to maintain our current customer's products. 
  • UB hCore
    And finally we have our R&D platform. This company will embody our spirit: 
    "We have all at some point been told that something isn’t possible or that there is a limit to what you can do. This company is about breaking those limits; doing the things that other people say isn’t possible."

2018/Q3 and onwards

In the next coming months we will start to reveal our new community forum, which is planned for release before the end of this year. You can already now see a little snippet of the new look and feel of it if you click here.

So when will we start to release more information about the upcoming games? For now we are keeping those cards close to us, but you can expect some information to be released in january - when we will be able to focus entirely on their development. I can however say that "Cusae" will be the first release.


On behalf of UB and its staff, we hope that you will continue to enjoy your stay here at Unknown Borders, and that we can continue to provide you with fun experiences and a positive community.


Kind Regards,
Nikolaj "Yilmas" Thorup Jensen
Founder of Unknown Borders


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